… and you will soon discover that the font size does not necessarily reflect the intelligibility of a text. That’s why the first thing we do is to translate for you – from insurance gobbledygook into plain English that the client can understand.

An intelligent insurance concept should first and foremost be intelligible. To begin with, we examine the structures and processes at your company. 

Red, amber, green – in black and white 

This quality becomes apparent as soon as we show you the requirement profiles we have prepared for you. After an in-depth analysis of your existing insurance policies and a tour of your company, we give you a precise overview of the policies you already have, the policies you should have and those that you have to have. A detailed risk audit with facts, figures and photos that provides you with clear information, eases your worries and facilitates your decisions. So that you know exactly the risks that exist in your own individual circumstances, which risks are covered and – perhaps even more important – which are not.