Jürgen Franzen loves cooking and barbecues – he only has to take a quick glance at the ingredients to recognise quality. His talent for improvisation combined with expert craftsmanship are the key to culinary success. While it might be an exaggeration to apply the rules of good cuisine to risk management, the similarities are undeniable...

Both call for sound preparation, a penchant for perfectionism, meticulous attention to detail and a good pinch of creativity, for instance when qualities or quantities suddenly change.


But whether tackling a big fish or small fry, at the end of the day, it’s your satisfaction that counts: satisfaction that repeatedly has to be earned by providing information updates and intelligent solutions. And this is where Jürgen Franzen – founder, ideas man and managing partner of the Franzen Group – shows his true passion: whether behind the barbecue, at his desk or in a personal meeting with you, you can count on his extensive experience, enthusiasm and untiring commitment. Jürgen Franzen has steered the fortunes of the Franzen Group for more than 20 years – with results that are sure to be to your taste.

GEO-logy from the word go

Knowledge is the only resource that increases through use. So what could be more logical than to collect this valuable resource? Peter Kempendorf has been doing so for decades – since October 1976, to be precise.

That is when the first issue of GEO magazine was published. What Peter Kempendorf particularly appreciates about GEO is the opportunity it provides for looking beyond his own horizons, reading about innovative ideas, new ways of looking at things, finding out about new subjects. This open-mindedness is also essential for his role as managing partner of the Franzen Group.

His core remit – dealing with major claims – not only calls for lots of experience, but also benefits from his enormous flexibility and intuition. Especially as this task, like his specialist area of liability, property and loan insurance, requires detailed knowledge and a keen interest in all things new. Clients all over the globe appreciate these characteristics and above all, his ability to provide both mental reassurance and tangible security in difficult situations.

His career began with excellent vocational training with a leading insurance company, where he remained as key account manager and head of department for more than 10 years. He then moved as “main man” to the Franzen Group, where he holds a leading position in every respect. He has worked with Jürgen Franzen for 25 years.

Viva Werder Bremen

Level playing fields and team spirit are very important to Thomas Niestädt – whether in his capacity as managing director at the Franzen Group or in his spare time. When off duty, football in general and Werder Bremen in particular are matters that are dear to his heart. Even the gradual descent into the nether regions of the league table has neither diminished his passion for the boys in green & white nor reduced his visits to the Weser Stadium – which is no more than you would expect of a dyed-in-the-wool fan.

Thomas Niestädt has been scoring top marks as Managing Director of Jürgen Franzen Versicherungsmakler GmbH for more than 25 years. His main talent is his creativity when setting up the game: he coordinates and monitors work at the competence centre in Bremen, but is equally happy to act as striker. A first-class regular player, providing dependable support for his clients, always there when he is needed. Qualities which, when combined with his expert knowledge of different insurance sectors, guarantee rapid success. Together, Thomas Niestädt, Peter Kempendorf and Jürgen Franzen make up an impressively powerful team.

Flourishing partnership

A garden and a firm have a whole lot in common. Both need plenty of care and solid hands-on work, passionate commitment and a delight in healthy growth. Martina Witte can contribute all these qualities – as an authorised signatory of the Franzen Group, a member of the management board and an enthusiastic gardener in her spare time.

Martina Witte loves everything that has to do with plants, flowers and gardens. But above all she loves her job, and the colourful variety of tasks it brings. Since as long ago as 1994, she has been promoting the healthy growth of the Franzen Group in a broad range of functions. She has been responsible for commercial management, accounts, controlling and last but not least personnel development. Choosing staff, encouraging and supporting them – these are things she cares about, as much as she cares to foster a thriving partnership with clients, insurance companies and service providers. And as befitting for both numerical experts and successful gardeners, she has an eye to the big picture as well as keeping track of the details. Her good ideas and plentiful experience nourish the company’s internal and external processes – providing a solid foundation from the ground up for the Franzen Group to flourish. And though she is a busy woman, Ms Witte always finds time to be pleased about every small success – as when a shrub in her garden blossoms with exceptional splendour.